Hi, I am Wonjin

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name means Sincere Root

I am taking root while looking the world in many ways

Interested in developing a Web Service


2017.03 - 2018.02 / 2022.03 - Current

Sejong University Dept. of Computer Engineering

Bachelor degree course / sophomore

🎹 Keyboard(piano) session in Colleage band PAGE7 | 2022.03 - 2022.08

πŸ† 2nd Prize on 2th Sejong Coding Challenge | 2017

Problem Solving

2014.03 - 2017.02

Annam Highschool (Natural Sciences Track)

I tried to find out where to go.

πŸ† 2nd Prize on Science Research&devate contest of Incheon City | 2016

Subject : Environmentally friendly manufacturing and disposal method of cell phones, and Collection method of waste cell phones using application service

πŸ’‘ Club Activity in Annam Software | 2015

As Club Leader, Create the club, build activities, develop flash games.

πŸ“” Robot Engineering Program in Daegun-highschool | 2015

πŸ“” UP(University-Level Program) of Computer Science in INHA University | 2014

The best scholarship students


2020.03 - Current


The company specializing in AI data labeling.

🏠 Freelancer | 2022.03 - Current

🏒 Project Manager in Superb AI Data Business Team | 2021.10 - 2022.02

SuperbAI is the parent company of DataLab

My main project is "Semantic Accuracy Validation" for AI data built by NIA(national projects).

Collect, Pre-process, Validate, Transfer data.

Develop python file-processing scripts, Chrome extensions works on web.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Team Leader | 2021.06 - 2022.02

Manage Inhouse Labeling&Validating Team.

Set consistent Criterias, Provide Education, Manage risk of team task, Discover more efficient ways to complete projects.

🧐 Validator | 2020.09 - 2021.05

Review annotated data by given guidelines.

πŸ§‘ Labeler | 2020.03 - 2020.08

Create annotations on raw data by given guidelines.


2022.09 - Current GITHUB

μ–΄λ””λ‘œλ“ (anywhere)

In progress

2022.09 GITHUB Website

일상두리(Ilsang dooli)

A simple web program developed for 3 days and submitted to the contest(KBSC) to learn Vue.js very quickly.

It allows users to voluntarily share specific action plans for the environment in their daily life and receive existing articles by e-mail.

2022.06 GITHUB

SFS : Super Fast Selection

C# / Winform

The data labeling tool that is specialized in multi classification of images.

SFS image
2022.03 - Current GITHUB Web Site

Lollang Playground

HTML / CSS / JS / Svelte / Google Cloud Functions / Google Cloud Storage

My friend has made the language 'lol-lang' that is compiled to python. And I have made Web Service that provides lollang code editor, compiler.

lollang playground
2021.09 - 2021.12 GITHUB Chrome Webstore


2021.07 - 2021.08 GITHUB Chrome Webstore


HTML / CSS / JS / Chrome Extension API

A google chrome extension that works with SuperbAI Suite, the data labeling tool. It provides features many users want, But don't exist.

2021.10 GITHUB Sample

Gorani Store


A library that is enable to use local storage in a more easy, simple way.

gorani store image
2021.02 - Current GITHUB Website

Nyam Nyam Lab

JS / React.js / Styled-Component / Ant Design / Google Apps Script / Google Spread Sheet

A web service where you can share good restaurants with people around you. Anyone can create their own map.

nyam nyam lab image nyam nyam lab image
2020.05 - 2020.06 GITHUB Web Site

Leesiguk Health Certification

HTML / CSS / JS / Naver Maps / Google Spread Sheet

It shows where we can get Health Certificate(HC).

In order to get a part time job at a restaurant, an employee should be issued HC at a public health center. But in Pendemic with COIVD-19, Almost public health center did not issue HC. Instead, hospitals and clinics did this. In this situation, all the information was fragmented. People could't know where to go for HC, and how much is it.

So at that time I wanted to solve this problem by web service. It is my first web program.

2017.08 OGC Market

κ·€μš”λ―Έ μŠ¬λ¦¬ν”„

A sticker like a emoji, emoticon that can be used in naver web services(naver blog, cafe, post)